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A graphics/edits blog of [mostly] games, movies, etc.


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"I don’t know…it’s just a broken system. The Fables who walk in through the back door, like Bluebeard…..we have all of the time in the world for them. You try and come in through the front door, through the proper channels asking for anything - needing help, well….I turn you away"

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Just finished Origins for the 52726382th time. It still hurts it seems

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Imagine your icon running away with only a backpack full of capari sun and lunchables

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the coolest intro to anything ever
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Treat Yo Self, pt.2: the day in which they shall Treat Themselves is going to fall right in the dead of the Inquisition, so Cass is going to be very upset for an extended period of time. Bull wants in on the festivities. Solas doesn’t quite get it, but Vivienne and Dorian are eyeing him up and he’s getting nervous.

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» Dishonored: Colors
— Red & White

"We all start with innocence, but the world leads us to guilt."